Field Deployment and Migration

Implementing and launching a network is a complex endeavor for any organization. Glow Networks brings decades of expertise in assisting service providers and enterprises through this intricate process. Our exceptional program and project management capabilities make sure that network implementation is both cost-effective and timely, emphasizing accuracy from the outset. Additionally, Glow’s professional service team is committed to providing dedicated support to clients in network deployment, helping them navigate these challenges effectively.

Tower Services

The cornerstone of any network is its cell phone towers, and at Glow, our core values include a steadfast commitment to quality, safety, customized solutions, and client satisfaction. Our tower services cover a wide spectrum of capabilities and technologies, guaranteeing adherence to the highest standards of quality and safety. Backed by skilled crews proficient in multi-vendor and multi-technology deployments for various carriers, Glow’s tower services are unparalleled. Our teams excel in the complexities of installing and maintaining a diverse range of equipment and technologies, guaranteeing smooth integration and optimal network performance. Our services range from tower construction and equipment installation to ongoing maintenance and prompt repair response, making sure your towers always operate at their best.

Lab Buildout

Constructing labs for 5G, optical, and other advanced technologies presents both a complex challenge and a valuable opportunity for organizations striving to lead in technology and innovation. These lab buildouts demand precise planning and designing of infrastructure to support the targeted technologies. They offer crucial testing and validation facilities, allowing telecom operators and OEMs to assess the performance, interoperability, and compatibility of their products or services. Creating a specialized lab environment enables organizations to experiment with, refine, and enhance their innovations and services. Glow has successfully built and delivered numerous labs for its OEM clients in fields like 5G and optical technologies. Our experience and expertise empower service providers to secure a competitive edge in fast-changing technological landscapes.

CBRS, p5G, pLTE Deployments

Implementing these technologies in an enterprise network is intricate and time-intensive. Collaborating with Glow guarantees a successful deployment, giving your organization access to the enhanced connectivity and communication features of these advanced wireless technologies. Glow possesses in-depth knowledge of CBRS, p5G, and pLTE deployments, covering aspects such as spectrum allocation, network architecture, device integration, and application support. We evaluate your existing infrastructure and devise a deployment strategy that guarantees smooth integration, peak performance, and efficient resource utilization. Our approach includes consideration of coverage, capacity, security, and quality of service needs. Utilizing our expertise, we design a network architecture that fully harnesses the advantages of CBRS, p5G, or pLTE technologies for your organization.

RAN Field Engineering, Deployment and Remote Integration

With a strong team of field engineers, Glow is capable of handling comprehensive turnkey services for the Commissioning and Integration of Radio Networks across technologies like 5G, 4G (LTE), 3G, and 2G. Our 24x7 Operational Remote Integration Centre enables us to offer full-scale integration support, including monitoring alarms, responding to critical system alerts, troubleshooting, and resolving exceptional issues. We conduct system checks to address diagnostic failures, provide on-site troubleshooting at cell sites as necessary, support drive testing and data collection activities, and carry out software upgrades during maintenance windows. Additionally, Glow assists in resolving challenges during the integration of new hardware, supports the implementation of new software/hardware, and executes Methods of Procedure (MOPs) as required, guaranteeing a smooth and efficient integration process.

RF Data Collection and Optimization

At Glow Networks, we expand our expertise beyond basic services to include RF Data Collection and Optimization. Our commitment to delivering superior service is evident in our utilization of advanced tools and technologies for precise RF data collection. We employ various methods such as drive testing, walk testing, and remote monitoring to gather accurate data. Utilizing sophisticated data analytics, we convert this RF data into meaningful insights, equipping our clients with valuable information to enhance their network’s coverage, capacity, and overall performance. Our team of proficient RF engineers is dedicated to making sure that our solutions not only meet but surpass your expectations, giving you an advantage in the fast-paced realm of telecommunications.

Compliance Services

Glow Networks stands as a reliable provider of comprehensive solutions, guaranteeing that your wireless systems adhere to the highest industry standards. Our area of expertise includes critical services such as MPE (Maximum Permissible Exposure) assessments, where we thoroughly evaluate human exposure to electromagnetic fields to make sure your wireless infrastructure operates within safe parameters. Additionally, we perform EME (Electromagnetic Emission) evaluations to verify adherence to emission limits, thus protecting public health and the environment. Our services are designed to optimize your wireless systems for quick responsiveness in urgent situations. With Glow Networks, you gain access to a complete suite of services that assure the compliance, performance, and safety of your wireless systems.

Mobility Core Field Engineering and Deployment

The 5G network landscape is rapidly expanding, with more than a billion subscriptions and millions more joining monthly. This surge in mobile traffic is propelled by a sharp increase in smartphone users and a significant rise in data usage. At Glow Networks, we understand the complexities involved in deploying and rolling out a 5G network for any organization. With decades of experience, we are adept at guiding service providers and enterprises through this intricate process. Our extensive and seasoned program and project management expertise guarantee the cost-effective and timely implementation of networks, prioritizing precision from the start. Glow is equipped to assist Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) in efficiently deploying robust 5G networks that handle high data rates, extremely low latency, and offer maximum reliability.

WiFi and DAS Installation and Integrations

Our team of skilled professionals specializes in crafting and setting up WiFi networks customized to meet the distinct requirements of various environments, guaranteeing superior coverage and capacity. We are adept at providing high-performance WiFi solutions that boost productivity and enhance user experiences. Beyond WiFi, our expertise extends to the implementation of Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), particularly suited for large venues with high user density. Our DAS setups provide consistent cellular coverage, facilitating smooth communication for numerous users at once. We expertly integrate your existing systems with new solutions, guaranteeing a unified and efficient network. This approach reduces disruptions during the transition, leading to improved connectivity and greater user satisfaction.

Optical Field Engineering and Deployment

This specialized area focuses on the design, establishment, and upkeep of optical communication networks. It requires meticulous planning of the physical infrastructure, including site surveys and the installation of essential components like optical transceivers, optical multiplexers/demultiplexers, optical amplifiers, and network management systems. The process is intricate, demanding proficiency in optics, networking, civil engineering, and project management. Glow Networks stands as a seasoned and trustworthy entity in the Optical Field Engineering and Deployment sector, making it a preferred provider for organizations seeking expert services in this field. With a track record of installing thousands of optical components in North America and providing ongoing maintenance support, Glow is well-positioned to meet the complex demands of this sector.

Routing and Switching Engineering and Deployment

These services encompass the setup of hardware and software components, performance and security testing of the network, and offering training and support to client teams. Glow Networks excels in routing and switching engineering, beginning with meticulous network design and configuration. Our skilled engineers evaluate the client’s needs, craft the network topology, and identify the best setup for routing and switching devices. They then proceed to install and configure routers, switches, firewalls, and other network components in line with the planned topology. The network undergoes thorough testing by our engineers to guarantee peak performance and robust security. Additionally, Glow provides continuous support and maintenance, guaranteeing the smooth operation of the network.

First Field Applications (FFA) and First Office Applications (FOA)

Glow Networks plays a pivotal role in preparing for FFA, where we conduct initial testing and validation of customer-specific software and hardware to assess performance and quality. Our validation and testing protocols make sure that the FFA, in conjunction with the transition of software and hardware from lab to network environments, meet compliance standards and are seamlessly integrated under the supervision of our engineering experts. FOA represents a critical stage in the development and deployment of new equipment or technology, where Glow actively participates in the development, testing, and validation phases. We make sure that the FOA phase marks the inaugural deployment of the equipment or technology in a real customer setting, following thorough internal testing and acceptance.

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