Network Operations and Optimization

Glow Networks boasts a team of seasoned consultants with extensive experience across various industries, dedicated to assisting clients in achieving their aspirations in customer experience management, operational excellence, and efficiency. We specialize in optimizing Network Operations, encompassing the monitoring, management, and response to notifications regarding your network’s availability and performance. Our Optimization services are tailored to help customers attain superior performance enhancements in their networks, guaranteeing top-tier efficiency and effectiveness. Glow’s optimization services cover:

NOC and TAC Support for Mobility and Optical Backhaul Networks

NOC (Network Operations Center) and TAC (Technical Assistance Center) are essential in guaranteeing consistent network uptime, performance, and reliability. Glow Networks excels in monitoring and resolving network issues, and providing technical support to both end-users and field technicians, guaranteeing seamless network operations. Our NOC and TAC support includes proactive monitoring of network infrastructure, identifying potential problems, and swiftly addressing them. We offer real-time network performance monitoring, effective fault management, and prompt incident response to maintain optimal network functioning. Additionally, our services encompass performance analysis and reporting, which tracks key network performance metrics and aids in the optimization of network operations.

RF Optimization Support

At Glow Networks, we are committed to delivering top-tier solutions that elevate the efficiency of wireless networks. Our team, composed of skilled RF engineers, offers specialized and personalized support to meet all your network requirements. We handle everything from initial network design to continuous parameter adjustments, interference assessments, and capacity enhancement, making sure your wireless infrastructure reaches its maximum potential. Utilizing state-of-the-art tools and innovative approaches, we conduct comprehensive evaluations of your wireless network to pinpoint areas needing enhancement. Recognizing that every business has distinct needs, we collaborate closely with our clients to develop solutions that precisely match their goals.

Switch Consolidation

The process of switch consolidation, while complex and challenging, brings substantial benefits to telecom operators, including cost savings, enhanced network performance, and more efficient network management. Glow, with its extensive experience in switch consolidations across various platforms like DMS10, 5ESS, and others, brings more than two decades of expertise to this field. Our approach to switch consolidation begins with a thorough evaluation of the existing switch infrastructure. From this assessment, we create an in-depth consolidation plan, taking into account aspects such as traffic patterns, network architecture, and projections for future growth. Through meticulous planning and execution, we efficiently consolidate and integrate switches, guaranteeing smooth interoperability and functionality throughout the network.

Transport Network Optimization, Migration

These processes are crucial for guaranteeing the dependability, efficiency, and flexibility of communication networks in today’s fast-changing digital environment. Transport network optimization involves enhancing the effectiveness and performance of data transmission within communication networks. Network migration, on the other hand, involves the shift from one network infrastructure to another, which could include upgrading existing networks, integrating new technologies, or transferring data and services to a different platform. This migration demands meticulous planning, rigorous testing, and careful execution to minimize disruption to ongoing operations and guarantee a smooth transition. Glow Networks brings more than two decades of experience in executing optimization and migrations through various technological evolutions in transport networks.

Self-Optimizing Network (SON) Support

Self-optimization refers to an IT infrastructure’s capacity to automatically and efficiently allocate and utilize resources to serve both system users and their clients. Often known as Self-Organizing Network, the concept gained momentum with 3GPP’s initiative to standardize self-optimizing and self-organizing features for LTE networks. Glow Networks offers extensive support for its customers’ self-optimizing networks, focusing primarily on managing the complexity of system performance effectively. Our role involves guaranteeing the initiation and integration of these standards to enhance network intelligence, automation, and management capabilities. This enables wireless networks to automatically adjust their configurations and optimize performance in response to changing radio channel conditions, resulting in reduced costs, and enhanced network performance and flexibility.

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